Mom's Blooming Tea Cup & Spa Gift Set

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Our Mom's Blooming Tea Cup & Spa Gift Set: this comes in a gold hamper as shown in the picture.

1. Blooming Teacup - Grow your seed coins in a vintage teacup! We've come up with this darling "just add water" gift set perfect for a special occasion. Each bundle includes a local compost and soil mixture, a vintage tea cup (tea cup patterns vary) and our handmade seed coins with planting instructions. Each seed coin is made from a recycled paper pulp and embedded with seeds.

2. Antioxidant Mask - Mix a portion of clay with a few drops of water until you reach a spreadable consistency. Stir with your finger or a wooden spoon. Apply to entire face, let rest for few minutes. Rinse and pat or air dry. Bentonite Clay, *Matcha Powder, *Hibiscus Powder, *Chamomile Essential Oil *organic Free of parabens, phalates and artificial fragrances. Handmade with the purest of ingredients. Packaging is completely biodegradable.

3. Mexican Moon Bath Envelope - Lovingly picked from the Zapotec valley of Oaxaca, the rosita de cacao has been used by the Aztecs and Zapotec people for centuries. The warm floral scent of the dried flowers lasts decades after being picked. They’re associated with ever lasting life and are harvested for their medicinal properties. The flowers used in our soak are sourced from a family of 3rd generation weavers in Teotitlán, a village in the foothills of the Sierra Juárez mountains.

4. Mom Tattoo - These tattoos start out as a watercolor painting. They're easy to use, non-toxic and USA made.

5. Hibiscus Cardamom Syrup 2 oz - Portland Syrups is a cocktail and soda syrup company that specializes in small batch, lower-sugar mixers using whole botanical ingredients. Produced in the Pacific Northwest with all-natural ingredients we never use additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

6. Elephant Bracelet - A beautiful gold colored beaded bracelet with an elephant charm attached.