Clean hands plz - Sanitizer Refill

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Clean hands plz - Sanitizer Refill

These can be used to refill your spray bottles or in the automatic dispenser (available separately)

Constant washing and sanitizing can leave your hands dry, rough, and chapped. You need something that gently yet thoroughly disinfects your hands without drying it out. The Clean Hands, Plz is a 100% natural hand sanitizer that is carefully handcrafted with gentle ingredients to ensure your hands are not stripped of its moisture.

Enriched with natural moisturizing oils, this alcohol-based sanitizer instantly disinfects your hands while keeping them soft and moisturized.

So go ahead and use them all day, your hands are sure to be germ-free and perfectly soft! ● Anti-bacterial, disinfectant, and antiseptic hand sanitizer ● 80% alcohol ● Artificial fragrance-free ● Vegan friendly ● Quantity: 4 oz
Made in United States of America