Australiana Temporary Tattoos

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Our Australiana temporary tattoos feature beautiful Australian flowers.  

This beautiful tattoo pack contains hand drawn and painted Wattle, Eucalyptus Leaves and Wax Flowers.  Each flower has subtle gold metallic highlights added so your tattoo catches the light when you move!

PAPERSELF tattoos mix colour and metallic to create beautifully detailed striking designs on the skin.

Each design has multiple ways to apply so get creative with how you apply the tattoos! Cut anyway you want to make beautiful designs on the skin!

*Top tip! Apply a small amount of hand cream 1 minute after you apply your tattoo to mattify the design for a more realistic look!

Metallic and colour, 4" x 4".

  • Easy to apply! Just cut and wet with water!
  • Remove gently with baby oil.
  • Each tattoo pack contains 2 sheets.
  • They last 2-4 days and are suitable for ages 3+
  • Non-toxic, safe and skin friendly.
  • Manufactured in accordance with EU and US safety standards.
  • Waterproof.
  • Size 4"x4".
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